Theodore Roosevelt National Park - After Dark

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Half the Park is after dark!!! The story of the North & South Dakota badlands begins over 65 million years ago. The dinosaurs had just become extinct, and the western half of North America was buckling and folding to create the Rocky Mountains. Large amounts of sediments were forming as water, wind, and freezing worked to break down the mountains. These sediments, mostly sand, silt, and mud, were carried off the eastern slopes by ancient rivers and deposited here in layers. Volcanoes in South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and across the west were also erupting during this time, spitting out huge amounts of ash. Some of this volcanic ash was blown or carried by rivers into North Dakota and accumulated in standing water. Over time, the sediments turned into the sandstone, siltstone, and mudstone layers. Those layers are now exposed showing these Geologic formations here in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.


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