94-97 OBS Ford Hydra Flush Mount

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I designed this mount to hold the tune selector for a PHP Hydra Chip in an OBS Ford.  Removing and cutting the dash panel is required to install the mount.  An extended length Hydra ribbon cable from your favorite dealer is also required to reach the chip down in the kick panel (6ft is plenty long).  Shipping is $5 in the Continental US.  (Canada shipping calculated at checkout)

You may sand and/or paint the mount if you choose.  It will come as you see it in the photos.

* Friction holds the mount into the dash, so you must take your time cutting/filing the square hole to insure the mount fits TIGHT.  If you cut the hole too large, it is your responsibility to source double sided tape/brackets to hold it in the dash

* Friction also holds the Hydra selector into the mount.  The round hole in the back of the mount is to insert your finger to push the Hydra out of the mount if needed.